School Info
Greensboro and Burlington Area:
All information can be found here: ShenKwoon

New Bern and Eastern Carolina: Group classes are currently held twice weekly in historic downtown New Bern. Private lessons are also available.

The Shing Shun Kwoon is not operated as a commercial business or school.
Rather, as in Chinese tradition, we see our school as a family environment where each member contributes to the betterment of the school.

How To Join

Get more information by emailing the address listed below for the Triad area classes.

To get more information about the Eastern Carolina division, you will need to email the info address address below or call the number listed below for that loacation.  

Triad Area
Greensboro, Burlington and Surrounding Cities
visit the site below:

Information: www.shenkwoon.com

Eastern Carolina Division
New Bern, NC 28560
Number: (252) 622-8079 (eastern Carolina number only)
New Bern Classes:
Please Call For Class Times

E- mail
Information: info@shingshunkwoon.com



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