Welcome to Shing Shun Kwoon. Shing Shun Kwoon was founded by the late Yanshui Sifu.  The members of Shing Shun Kwoon are committed to continuing the Shaolin spirit taught by our late Sifu.  Our school continues to practice the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu under the guidance of Grandmaster Philip Holder of the North American Wing Chun Association.

Shing Shun Kwoon is no longer an active school but members have schools in various locations.

If you wish to contact us, you can find contact information by clicking on the Man Sao link.

  Classes are offered by affiliated schools near Greensboro & Burlington, NC and in  New Bern , NC.  If you are serious about learning Wing Chun and want to find out more about how to begin, check out the information on the Man Sao page.

  The Greensboro/Burlington class information can be found here: ShenKwoon

  As always check out the Principles section.  These are for you, from Yanshui. Please read, absorb, and ponder.




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